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Frustration with Favorites


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Here's my problem: In version 8 I used to amplify a bible passage to a "favorite workspace." Then I would tile the workspace (command-i) so that I could then make use of that workspace on the same screen as my main workspace. This was an immensely valuable way of working since I could highlight a bible verse, click the 'favorites' button and have it search for that verse in all the modules in my favorites workspace.


Accordance 9 does not behave the same. When I amplify a verse to a favorites button it opens a new window (which is fine). But then it gets ugly. I try to tile (command-i) the windows and it crashes the program. If I take the "mixed window" and move it over to the other workspace, it puts it at that bottom. And that looked like it would be ok. But, then I found out that it's not tied to the original window. If I select a verse and then push the 'favorites' button again it opens a new window instead of spilling out the results in the favorite window already arranged.


Thanks to Dr. Jenney, from the podcasts, I found a great, effecient way of working with "favorites". I tried to work with Accordance 9 to see if I could learn a new way of doing the same thing. But I am thoroughly confused and frustrated. What use is having a favorite workspace if you can't use it?


If anyone knows a solution to this, I'd appreciate some help.


I'm attaching picture of what is used to look like in Accordance 8 (the main working space is on top. The favorite window is on the bottom)post-126-128507829909_thumb.jpg

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