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Tagged Highlighting inaccurate


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I just upgraded to 9.0.2 last night and noticed a bit of inaccuracy in the tagged highlighting between bible panes. A video is posted here:




Unfortunately, my cursor did not get captured in the video, so you can't actually see where I'm moving my mouse over words. When in the 14pt font, the boundaries between highlights are in the wrong places. For example, in some places, moving my cursor to the space between two words in the NIV-G/K will trigger the highlighting in GNT-T. In other cases, a word will be properly highlighted in GNT-T only when the cursor is over the first half of the word in NIV-G/K, but when I get to the second half, the highlight disappears in GNT-T. Increasing the font to 16pt seems to mitigate the problem, so it's not a horrible situation. I prefer 14pt and have been using that for a couple of years (since 7.4) without problems that I can recall. Since this is one of the first things I noticed about v9, I doubt it was an issue in v8 (but could be wrong).


N.B. The lack of cursor visibility is apparently a problem with Jing. I cranked the size of the cursor all the way up (in Accessibility Options), but it didn't help. I know that it makes the video somewhat useless, but please experiment with different font sizes and I think you'll see what I refer to. If not, I'll see if I can run down a different screen capture tool that is free and try again with the video.

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