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Bug ACC 9 Tied Panes

John Fidel

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Below is a screenshot of my workspace. My Bible texts are tied to the commentaries on the right. I am studying Is 2.9. When I triple click on the word humble in the ESV to get the Hebrew definition on the left the entire focus of the Bible changes to Is 2.6, which is the beginning of the pericope shown in the commentary. I don't recall this happening in ACC 8, and feel the focus should not change continually to the beginning of a pericope because a pane is tied to a commentary.



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I cannot see any diference between your two screenshots.


Hi Helen,


The first one has Is 2.9 at the top and is the focus of the ESV notes and x references. The second after triple clicking on the word "humble" Is 2.6 is at the top with the focus of the ESV notes and x references on that verse. This example still allows the word humble to be shown. A more extreme example is where the pericope is longer and the word selected is at the end of the pericope. Under those circumstances the word selected would no longer be visible in the Bible pane.



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