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Modules Pastors would recommend ...

Robert N

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I am just a layman, but I would very much like to hear teaching pastors comment on which modules they find they use the most or they consider most useful in the order of their usefulness. I hope some of the pastors who frequent this forum will not mind sharing their experiences. Thank you in advance for sharing.



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The question I would ask in reply is this: Does your pastor know the original languages?


If so, then these would be my recommendations:





2) Louw & Nida









1) Die Mac Studien Bibel

2) CNTTS apparatus


Misc/Fun stuff:


1) Atlas Module

2) Timeline Module


There are others I might suggest, but these are the most essential for pastors (who know the original languages)


Hope my list helps.

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Thank you for your reply Steve. I was asking for myself as I would like to learn Greek and Hebrew and am exploring what others use and find most useful. I hope your reply will help others too and that others will feel lead to add their experiences. Thank you again.

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NET Bible (with its notes) is my top reccomendation; it's included in all the Library and Scholar's level.


The next thing I'd recommend would be a key number text in your preferred English translation. Key number texts let you access the original Greek and Hebrew. It's not the same as knowing Greek or Hebrew, but it is an additional level of information about the text. Currently the following key number texts are available in Accordance: ESVS, NRSVS, KJVS, HSCBS, NAS95S, NKJVS and NIV-G/K. Those with S at the end use the Strong's Numbers system. NIV-G/K uses the Goodrick-Kohlenberger numbering system and is only available in the Zondervan Essential Bible Study Suite for Macintosh

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