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Updates Crashing Accordance every time

sacha zemp

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I have currently 5 modules that are in need of an update:




Greek Keys

Hebrew Keys


If I choose to update one or all, accordance crashes.

In my Accordance Update folder I find then the zipped module, the unzipped module and a 'temporaryAccordanceSession" File.


Help would be appreciated.

Sacha Zemp

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You might try running Disk Utility to check and repair permissions.


Assuming that you are using 8.4.6 (if not, please update the program first), Joel would like to discover why the updater is succesfully downloading the files but not moving them to replace the old ones. You can go in and move them yourself to the current location of the module in the Accordance folder, but please leave one old module for Joel to test. I suspect that it has something to do with the path name to your Accordance folder.


Please also email to me the Console log after the crash of Accordance.

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I would like to thank all of the support staff at accordance for their work.

Helen and Joel did a fine job helping me and identifying the problem.

According to Joel the update to 8.4.7 should fix my issue.




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