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Viewing Catalogue of Texts in Modules


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Dear Friends,


I have several biblical modules (ie. pseudepigraph, LXX, etc, BHS, etc and looking to add more.) and sometimes I just need to scan to see where a particular book is or if I have it all. However, clicking on say the PSEUD in my library window only opens it up in my browse window and then I still have to scroll. I just want to click and display the texts in each module. Is there a way to do this?


Also does Accordance have an outline feature where I can glance and see where a particular passage or pericope is located in a plot line of a book automatically?




Thanks for your help.

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No, there is no massive outline of all the constantly growing collection of texts.


However, any text module offers a list of the included books or texts. You must open the module in its own tab or window, and then select List All Book Names from the Display menu. This opens a simple window with the books and their abbreviayions, and non-English names if any. You could make yourself a user tool with these lists.


Another option might be to search the module called Read Me-Modules (in English tools) which does list the MSS and texts included in many scholarly modules, but it is not exhaustive.

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For the Bible, there is the Outlines module.

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To deal with this I have created a User Note with links to modules, book names, and annotations about modules. I call it my "Accordance Bibliography".


One of the newer features I've been using is the Display/List All Book Names menu item. You can copy and paste this into a user note. I also add in common alternate names for books.


I have a section not just for texts, but for tools too. For example, sometimes I do some quick research on the author of a commentary and it helps me to understand the bend toward a particular standpoint.


With all this, when I run into something like "In what modules do I have 4 Esdras??" I just search my Accordance Bibliography module.


Here's a quick example from my AFL-E entry:

The Apostolic Fathers [AFL-E]


Includes the following books:

First Clement [AFL-E,V,1Clem]

Second Clement [AFL-E,V,2Clem]

The Epistles of Ignatius

to the Ephesians [AFL-E,V,Eph]

to the Magnesians [AFL-E,V, Mag]

to the Trallians [AFL-E,V,Tral]

to the Romans [AFL-E,V,Rom]

to the Philadelphians [AFL-E,V,Phila]

to the Smynaeans [AFL-E,V,Smyr]

to Polycarp [AFL-E,V,Poly]

Epistle of Polycarp [AFL-E,V,Phili]

The Martyrdom of Polycarp [AFL-E,V,MPoly]

The Didache: Teaching of the Apostles [AFL-E,V,Did]

The Epistle of Barnabas [AFL-E,V,Barn]

The Shepherd of Hermas [AFL-E,V,Shep]

The Epistle to Diogentus [AFL-E,V,Diog]


Appears to be missing two sections from the original printing:

The Fragments of Papias

Reliques fo the Elders Preserved in Irenaeus


[Read Me-Modules, Title, AFL-T]

This text represents the 1891 edition of the Lightfoot Apostolic Fathers, revised by J. R. Harmer. This Accordance edition contains only the Greek texts of the Apostolic Fathers.


It differs from the print text in that it adopts the continuous versification system of Shepherd of Hermas developed by Michael Holmes in his Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations (Baker). This allows for a more ready comparison of the two.


The Holmes edition (AF) is the more complete edition and is now the standard scholarly edition. The Accordance version of the Holmes text includes the entire critical text, Latin sections, along with footnotes, critical apparatus, and English translation.


External Links

Book on Google: http://books.google.com/books?id=VT9tuM7y8LEC&ots=Sgtao2mHZz&dq=Apostolic%20Fathers%20Lightfoot%20Harmer&pg=PP2#v=onepage&q=&f=false


About This Text:

The Apostolic Fathers


Translated by J.B. Lightfoot.

Public Domain


Version 1.0

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