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Keyboard shortcut for Search For Key Number?

Darin Franklin

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Is there a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to search in the current text for the key number of the selected word?


This would be equivalent to any of the following:

* Option-click on the Search button in the resource palette

* Control-click, Search For -> Key Number from the context menu

* Hold down Option and choose Amplify->English Texts->(choose the text that I'm reading)


In System Preferences, I tried assigning ⌥⌘K to "Key Number", but this does not work for items in the context menu. It only works for the application menu.


There is an existing Search item in the Amplify menu, but this does not do key numbers, even if the Option key is pressed.


As a workaround, I assigned ⌥⌘K to "NAS95S", which does Amplify->English Texts->NAS95S. Since the Option key is part of my shortcut, it does a key number search. (If I had assigned ⇧⌘K, it would search for the English word.) However, this isn't exactly the same as Search For -> Key Number, because it doesn't stay in the same text that I am reading. It always goes to NAS95S, even if I am reading ESVS, for example.


Perhaps what I need is "Amplify -> Search For -> Key Number". Then I could assign a shortcut to "Key Number".

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