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Missing information in DCH (but not CDCH)

Chris Heard

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I am not sure if this phenomenon results from the way Accordance coded the digital translation, or if it’s present also in the printed versions (to which I have no access right now). In the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew module, some of the words have complete statistical information, and some have it only for the headword, not for the individual binyanim. 


In the screenshot below (sorry it's so long and tall but I needed to get the niphal and  hiphil in there), notice that the headword is followed by 36.1.9, but the binyan labels are not. DCH is supposed to have similar stats for each binyan, according to the introduction.




I cannot discern any pattern in which entries in the Accordance version of DCH will have the stats with the binyanim and which will have them only for the headword. Again, I don't have easy access to a physical copy of DCH to see if the Accordance module faithfully reflects an inconsistency that is already in the printed version.


Now here’s the corresponding entry in the Concise DCH. Notice how the stats appear for each binyan.



Notice how this one has the stats for each binyan.

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