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Accordance Desktop 14.0.9 Release

Dr. Nathan Parker

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Accordance Desktop 14.0.9 is released, including optimizations for macOS Sonoma 14.3 and Windows.


Version 14.0.9
  • Accordance will only display the Info Pane Cross References section if it finds an "exact" verse reference entry in the default Cross Reference Tool.
  • The safe mode option for "Clear cached downloads" may now clear up certain cases where purchased items don't show up in Easy Install.
  • Refactored the internal module reference handling during multi-threaded Searches (Live Click, Research, Word Study, Info Pane, etc) to address reported random crashes on Windows.
User Notes/Tools Fixes
  • Various issues that could occur after updating a User Tool.
  • Issue that prevented User Tool edits from being saved.
  • Tools added to the Library could be added to the wrong category and/or possibly crash (e.g. when merging User Tools).
  • Converted User Tools were not being added to the Library, which prevented it from opening.
  • Possible "blank" User Note when adding/installing an existing User Note to Accordance.
  • Unicode conversion issues with certain characters.
Greek/Hebrew Unicode Conversion Changes
  • Standalone Koronis is converted to Smooth for accuracy.
  • Yehudit would not get the right Holem character if it precedes the Pashta.
  • Better Yehudit positioning for metheg and hireq for certain preceding characters.
Miscellaneous Fixes
  • Clicking on a Word Study Frequency Graph would not properly hyperlink to the correct search results.
  • A Keyword Word Study was not handling InterText or Inflected hyperlinks.
  • Issue that would cause results to be missed when Researching with a verse range condition. (e.g. Live Click Word Usage within Current Book)
  • The Info Pane > Parallel Passages would not hyperlink to Parallel tab.
  • Incorrect Instant Details/Crossover Highlighting in the first verse of a new Search.
  • Ability to search and display compound clause forms in the Holmstedt Hebrew Syntax.
  • Syntax searching in the Holmstedt syntax for certain cases involving Null search arguments in a phrase.
  • Accordance would become unresponsive/crash when adding certain Andersen Forbes Syntax elements to a Construct.
  • The action menu items in the Analysis Graph tabs were not working properly.
  • Table of Contents searching in a unicode Tool.
  • The Atlas and Timeline would not show up in the Library if no Parallels were installed.
  • Various improvements to module downloads during Easy Install.
  • Easy Install would not install an untagged version of a Text where the tagged version was installed. (e.g. CSB17 will now be installable even if CSB17S is installed.)
  • Tweak to Easy Install to possibly improve the display of recently purchased modules.
  • The WiFi sync dialog was missing the Accordance Mobile icon.
  • Several dialogs had misaligned OK, Cancel, and Help buttons.
  • Multiple potential crashes when opening an Info Pane, rebuilding the Research Cache, handling a missing Module, and shutting down Accordance.
  • Possible crash when merging User Notes.
  • Crash when opening Workspace with a WordMap pane.
  • Potential crash when using InterText Analysis option.
  • Research crash when trying to search a module that has been deleted.
  • Potential crash when rendering pane text.
Mac Specific Fixes
  • Rendering issues on macOS Sonoma that caused Pane content to be improperly clipped and crash on macOS Sonoma 14.3.
  • Copy Picture was not working on Intel Macs running Sonoma.
Windows Specific Fix
  • Preferences Search was not working properly in some instances.
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