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Can I share my preferences with Students?

דוד בן משה

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I would like my students to have the same preferences as I do:

  • Interlinear 
  • Customized toolbar 
  • Library book order
  • Open tabs
  • No live click, context, info panes, etc. 


Would it be possible to transfer my preferences to them? I have a Mac and many students have PC. Also, I have many more books and modules than they do. Would this be possible? 

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 12.14.20 PM.png

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Hi @דוד בן משה,


I don't think it would work exactly as you are looking to do, but I think you can do some of it.


For example, you could save this workspace and share that, which would share the layout of the tabs and windows, and I think that would also include preferences such as font size and such.


However, if you ever made a change to the workspace at all, the change would not reflect on the workspace the students already have, and they would need to be sent an updated copy.


I hope this helps some,


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You can try sharing some of your Accordance Preferences using the instructions here:


But there are multiple preferences files to share, so it would be difficult to teach students how to do this.


Honestly, it'd be quicker to teach students how to set up their preferences to look like yours. Then they're learning how to use the program and set it up for Bible study.

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