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Analytics confusion - table chart total words? total verses?


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Can someone explain to me the table analytic counts 'total words" and 'total verses' in the  -- I checked the help description but still didn't get it -- thx

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There will be potentially more hits in "total words" than in "total verses" as the same word can be found more than once in any given verse. Could that be then answer you're looking for?

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If we're looking at the same thing - the drop down menu in the Table Bar Chart has 4 items.


I did a search for Jephthah in NIV11-GKE Enhanced


Average hits

Total Hits

Total Words

Total Verses


Go from the bottom up.

Total Verses is a verse count in the book in which a hit is found



Total Words is the number of words in each book that a hit is found



Total Hits is the number of hits in each book.



I'll have to research what the average one means. It's not plain to me this morning

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Ok - so I have worked it out.


The average hits is the total hits divided by the total words expressed in 1000ths (go figure - I guess really it's only meant to be comparative)





Show that 0.0013 or 0.13% of all the words in Judges are the word "Jephthah".


Hope that helps.

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