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Berean Literal Bible & Berean Interlinear Bible


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Thanks for this! It looks like it's still an ongoing, not fully developed project yet.


I wonder if in the interim, someone could make a User Bible of what is already developed (it looks like it's freely licensed). Then as the project gets closer to being complete, if the User Bible turns out to be really popular among users, we could consider producing an official module on it.


I'm not opposed to doing more English Bibles, but it seems our users are wanting more foreign language Bibles over new English translations at the moment except for English translations that would be really popular (there are a handful of them that are that we are working on).


I'm not sure how we'd pull off the "Interlinear" Bible. I wonder if that's something we could leverage Accordance's built-in interlinear on.


This one would make for an interesting User Bible while it's still an ongoing project so we can explore different options with it then see where we could go with it.

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I'm going to be working on some Bible projects coming up, so things like these might be good projects for me to increase my Bible development skills.

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