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Workspace Opens with No Window Decorations (i.e. no close button) / Decorations Off Screen on Windows in Accordance 14

David Lloyd

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14.04 on Windows 11 (Released January 2023).


I don't know if it happens on early versions, or other operating systems.



I created a new workspace; and when it opens (either I select it from `File->Open Workspace->Bible Study` (Bible Study happens to be its name) and the window does one of two things:


  • It opens with no decorations
  • It opens with decorations but the decorations are weirdly off screen


I have uploaded what I currently see.


Now I can "sort of" get around this by dragging it back down however it took me months (literally not figuratively) to figure out I could do this.


However, this is annoying to say the least.


Possible Diagnosis

It appears that the Window location save is too far up (i.e. if `0,0` is the upper left most co-ordinate, then it appears at 0, -10 for example). It's possible that the session saves continuously save the wrong, or incorrect, window location but as they seem to be binary data [why, oh why] I cannot tell.


Expected Behaviour

The new Window should appear normally; either where it was last session save, or a maximised window but NOT a window that has no decorations, or floats "above" the real screen real estate.



Note: it does look like the Window has been "clipped" by my screen capture tool. I have clipped the bottom but not the top - notice how the usual window title is partially shown and the usual `X` or `-` or square box (for maximise) buttons on the right are hiding (they are there, but  mostly hidden - you can just see the bottom of them).




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This looks like the window has appeared partially off-screen. Try the key combination <Windows> + <Up Arrow> (press both together). This should make the window fill the screen properly.

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Make sure you upgrade to 14.0.7. We have resolved the issues you've reported.

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