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Trouble Moving Modules in Library in Accordance 14.0.7

Louis Lapides

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I recently purchased the module by Tremper Longman work on Reading Proverbs. Accordance placed this module in a folder entitled "Biblical Studies." I wanted Longman's work in my section on OT Individual book commentaries


. However, when I tried to move the Longman module, I cannot scroll up to higher categories. I reach the top of the Library window while holding on to the module, and the window stops scrolling. I can easily place the Proverbs book in a lower category, but not the ones placed higher, which is OT Specific Books Commentaries.


I'm trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Is there any easier way? I ended up placing the Longman module in another folder as I made my way up the ladder's rungs until I reached the desired category.  I used this method and it worked. But it is not ideal.


Another fix is to collapse all folders so the module one wants to move has a shorter path to travel. 


Any suggestions? Perhaps I answered my own questions.

Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 1.21.41 PM.png

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