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Dropbox sign-in via Apple causes crash


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I couldn't find this anywhere else, so if there's a workaround or prior report, please let me know. 


Every time I try to sign into Dropbox via Apple, Accordance crashes with the following log:


Accordance Crash Log
Crashed at: 7:50:41:742 On: 22 of Jul, 2023  Central Daylight Time

Accordance 14.0.6 (
Windows 10 (10.0.22621)
RAM: 49236MB free of 65201MB total
Disc: 788GB free of 952GB total

Access violation
Address:   $007E31D7



EDIT: I can't sync anything with any of the methods without Accordance crashing. Sync with mobile starts to work but when it gets to the part where the sync actually starts, boom...crash.

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There are some known issues with Dropbox having syncing issues with some users on Accordance 14, but I can get it to sync on my Windows machine. I recommend emailing Tech Support on this one.


We are going to move to our enhanced syncing in 14.1, so we'll finally be done with Dropbox.

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I'll email them. Thanks! Looking forward to 14.1 and dropping Dropbox! 😂

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Thanks! Got your email, and they'll followup Monday.

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