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What are “Parallel Texts”?

William Wingate

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Greetings all, I’m a new user of Accordance. I noticed that the NRSV appears twice in my library, but one is called “parallel texts.” Could someone please explain what these are and how to use them?

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For the most part, they are translations of the Greek Septuagint where that text varies significantly from the Hebrew. It only is any real issue in Esther, Daniel, and Psalm 151.


There is a similar 'parallel texts' for the CEB which has the extra portions of Esther, Daniel, and Ps 151, but it also breaks out the books of Susanna and also Bel and the Dragon

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Both the new oxford annotated bible (a study bible) and the oxford commentary (a single volume commentary) include notes on the parallel text and are formatted and designed to work with the nrsv modules so are worth getting if you are looking for either a study bible or single volume commentary as initial resources to start exploring the texts. 







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