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Question About Accordance’s Version of the GNT-TR

Dr. Nathan Parker

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I’m just curious. Has anyone checked Accordance’s version of the GNT-TR, and is it identical with the version produced by Trinitarian Bible Society, or are there any differences?


I have their edition in print (so do a few other people I know), and I was curious how Accordance’s edition compares.



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Hey Nathan,


I am going to show a quick search that I found. I use an Interlinear to see variations from the different GNT texts. So I will look at those specifically (of course not all of them here :rolleyes:).


Matthew 9:5 - The word 'you' matches.

Mark 12:29 - The word 'all' matches

Luke 19:7 - The word 'all' matches

John 18:28 - The word 'early' matches


I only looked at these four, one from each gospel. Just based on this, it looks as though it matches. 


I looked also at the TR vs the CT, and in each one, they were different. In these cases:


Matthew 9:5 - instead of soi it was sou. 

Mark 12:29 - The word all (pasown) is not in the NA28. (I could make some comments, but I will leave the commentary alone ;))

Luke 19:7 - Again, the word for all is not in the NA28

John 18:28 - Early is just a spelling difference from the outset. It is prowia compared to the NA proi. 


If I were to venture, I would say the Accordance TR follows the Trinitarian Bible Society and is good and faithful to the Scriptures and can be trusted. 




ETA: Is there a specific text you want me to look up? I can do a quick run based on my GNT from the TBS and see what I find. Anything in particular? 

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I was just curious in general. If I have any passages, I’ll let you know for sure. 


Does the Accordance and TBS versions handle the movable nu the same? I know some electronic editions are different on this front.



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Looking at the movable V, and I am just grabbing some random examples.


However, from what I am seeing, it is not frequent these come up. So it has taken me a little to chase it down. 


I tried to find one from each Gospel. Here are my findings:


Matthew 5:47: "What do you DO" GNT-TR and the TBS is identical

Mark 11:4: "They LOOSED it". The GNT-TR and the TBS is identical. 

Luke 5:31: Those who ARE" The GNT-TR and the TBS is identical

John 6:15: "They were ABOUT" The GNT-TR and the TBS is identical. 


Based on these four examples, I would assume the others are equal as well. But I did not chase down every example as I am getting ready to head out of town till Sat. 


I do have two notes:


1. I was able to practice with the Greek Construct in a way I had not before, so thank you for that exercise :D!!!


2. I was doing the search with the public Accordance, and it froze on me searching for apostle. The word for apostle, depending on its use, is one example of a movable V. I had to force shut down Acc. 14.0.5. I tried to duplicate it again, but couldn't. Again, no crash log was given to me. 



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Glad to help you try Greek Construct! Keep me posted on that freeze. If it does happen again, let me know.

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