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Collected sermons of Tim Keller


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The passing of our dear brother Tim Keller prompted me to request that his sermons be collected and offered as a module, similar to how John Piper's were. I obviously don't have any of the information or tags normally necessary. And I realize Desiring God Ministries probably transcribed all of Piper's sermons and compiled them, and I am unaware of Redeemer having done the same. But I wanted to leave this as a placeholder to see if there was common interest. Perhaps we could find if gospelinlife.com would be willing to let some of us start such a project. I know many would continue to be blessed by Tim if such a resource were made available. If this was an inappropriate topic, please forgive me, lock, and delete.


Martin Han

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Thanks for the info! I’ll add it to the list to look into. I think some other Bible software apps have at least some of his content, so we’ll see what we could look at acquiring. I just heard that he passed away.


I’ll definitely keep the topic open. Nothing inappropriate about wanting to remember the legacy of a dear brother.


On a similar note, we’re looking at acquiring some of Charles Stanley’s content (not sure about sermons, but at least some of his books) so we can continue his legacy. I also had Israel plant a tree in the Jerusalem forest in memory of Dr. Stanley.

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