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New Forum Registration? Read Me!

Dr. Nathan Parker

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There are occasionally new forum registrations that come through that become caught in our spam filter (since we’ve had an increase of spam registrations at times). These accounts need to be manually approved from the Accordance Forums admin team.


When these come in, we usually send the list over to Customer Service to ensure the registrations are from actual Accordance customers (so we’re not approving spam accounts). Once we get the all-clear from Customer Service, we approve the accounts.


Since this can slow the new forum registration approval process at times, for those who wish to have their new forum registrations expedited, send an email to me at nparker[at]accordancebible[dot]com with the email address you used to register for the forum account, and a screenshot of your Accordance’s app about screen showing your Accordance ID (that’ll give me some proof that you are an actual Accordance customer and not a spam account). As soon as I review it, I’ll approve your account.


New forum registration accounts will also require approval for all new posts for a couple weeks or few weeks after registration. Afterward, that restriction will expire, and you’ll be able to post freely (that is simply one final stop gap to ensure we didn’t accidentally let in a spam account).


Thanks again for being an Accordance customer and welcome to the forums!

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