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Patience Pays Off

Pastor Jonathan

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Accordance team,


I know you all got hammered with the roll out from V 14, but if I was going to be fast to call out issues, I want to be fast to call out positives as well. 


I have upgraded and used the new 14.0.5, and all I can say is thank you. 


Thank  you for working hard in the midst of the firestorm that erupted on this forum. 


Thank you for working hard even when under scrutiny from the users, including mine. 


Thank you for staying the course and getting this update rolled out. 


Thank you for bringing this update. 


I speak only for myself, but I am excited to see the Accordance I know and love back to its full speed with minimal hiccups and I am excited to get cracking on some serious work on Monday. 


Thanks again. 

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Thanks for the great feedback!

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