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interface set-up questions (newbie)


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(newbie, former BibleWorks user)

In this current set-up, I have ESV with a parallel BHS on the left side.  On the right, I have Hebew lexicon tabs (BDB and HALOT), like so:



I want to be able to quickly read the lexical entries on words I'm seeing in BHS.  I can get to BDB fairly easily by right-clicking on a word > Lookup > Dictionary.  However, to see the word in my HALOT tab I need: right click > Research > Hebrew Lexicons > (new window) click HALOT > click open.  (this latter path has the additional inconvenience of having to repeatedly close an unneeded window).  


Is there a better way? Is there a way to automatically update both the BDB and HALOT tabs with a particular word?  Even when I do get to the word in HALOT, the verse reference in HALOT is not highlighted in red as it is in BDB (when the word occurs in the definition).  


Please let me know if there is a better way to arrange the interface so I can quickly access these lexicons.  


I see I can change the default Lexicon used in Lookup > Dictionary in edit > preferences > amplify.  This is helpful, but again would not save time if I wanted to switch from BDB to HALOT or vice versa (since I want to examine both).  I could conceivably write an autohotkey script to switch between BDB and HALOT, but the menu appears to require a mouse click (and it opens too slowly to practically write a script for this operation).    


On a related issue, when I right-click on a word it becomes highlighted in dark blue, and I am no longer able to easily read the text.  Is there a setting where I can change highlighting to an easier color?





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Step 1: In the settings/preferences under the Accordance group, find Amplify and set the triple click Hebrew tool to BDB.

Step 2: Keep the tabs as you have but in the HALOT tab, where it reads Hebrew Entry, Link to BDB. To do this type L(case does not matter) and click on [LINK], then when the menu pops up click on BDB (Complete or Abridged--depends which one you set for the triple click default and should match the tab infront of HALOT)


After you do this, triple clicking will place the Hebrew word of interest in both lexicons. I haven't found a way to get the verse reference to carry over to HALOT, though.


If you have trouble doing this, send me a private message and I will send a workspace to you matching your requirements.




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Something else you might like to try for quick access: if you press the Ctrl key while hovering over a word in the Bible, the Instant Details window displays the corresponding entry from the lexicon selected in Preferences for the language.

The Instant Details window normally appears at the bottom for me. You can toggle its visibility by pressing the lightning-symbol icon in the ribbon bar just below the menus.


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