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How do I make a printable double column stacked English then Hebrew with column for notes on the side


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For various reasons I need to be able to read on paper instead of a screen.


Is it possible to make a 2 column, left column NASB2020 then Hebrew, verses by verse stacked, with right side for note taking. Then with the right hand column having room for taking notes.


Is this possible? Right now the only way I know how to do it is manually, which is very slow. I could even pay someone $20, to video with me and show me how if there is a way to rapidly do this so that the computer program does the "copying and pasting/NASB then Hebrew verse stacking" for me.


Then I need to be able to print it. Landscape preferred. I would also need to be able to increase the font to 15 so that when I print it.


Please see the sample file. Thank you


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