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Any Accordance Users in Atlanta, GA?

Dr. Nathan Parker

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Are there any Accordance users in Atlanta, GA, that could assist me with something?


I’ve given a dear friend of mine the free Accordance 13 Promo we’re offering this month. She’s a senior citizen, so she’s unable to install Accordance on her devices herself. Since I don’t live in GA anymore, I can’t make it there to install Accordance on her devices myself (otherwise I’d go). 


I was wondering if someone in the Atlanta, GA, area would be willing to get in touch with her (DM me and I can provide the info), install Accordance on her devices, and walk her through a few Accordance basics (I could then send her a link to our webinar archives she could watch for additional training).


She’s an evangelist (African American) who has witnessed for the Lord for many years. I met her at First Baptist Atlanta when Dr. Charles Stanley was the pastor. I know she would enjoy studying the Bible with Accordance. She’s a dear saint.



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Someone is looking into this.

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