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[Sample Notes v2]


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Playing around with the v14.0.4


I own NASB (1995) with Strong's and NASB (1995) with Strong's Notes.
When I hover over the notes icon at the right Instant Details tells me it are [Sample Notes v2]. The same when I click and a new window opens. [Sample Notes v2]
They span Gen 1-3 and Matt 1-3
How can I display the full version?

I also have CSB, ESV, NET, KJV and NKJV all with Strong's an with [Sample Notes v2]

In all those versions, including NASB, the notes are exactly the same. 
Is that also the case when the full notes are displayed? I would think/hope each translation has their own set of notes.I can open the NASB notes manually, in that case it's the full version.



It's contains cross-refs and few alternative readings.

NASB reads:
Genesis 1:2
1Or a waste and emptiness
2Lit face of
3Or hovering


[Sample Notes v2] reads:



Genesis 1:2
הָיְתָה - Qal perfect - Its presence indicates v. 1 to be independent clause.  Thus v. 1 should not be translated “when…”
v. 2 circumstantial of what follows.
תֹהוּ  - a rare word, defined in the KM Dictionary and in BDB Abridged.
The ESV translates the Hebrew word in a number of different ways: https://accordance.bible/link/search/ESVS?[KEY_H8414] Note that these references include Deut. 32:10, which parallels creation and Israel's deliverance from the wilderness along with Spirit of God, which was analogous to the glory cloud in wilderness.  I.e. Israel’s redemption was a new creation event.

E. A. Speiser says: The Heb. pair tōhū wā-bōhū is an excellent example of hendiadys, that is, two terms connected by “and” and forming a unit in which one member is used to qualify the other (cf., for example, Gen. 1:14, 3:16, 45:6). Here “unformed-and-void” is used to describe “a formless waste.” https://accordance.bible/link/read/Anchor_Gen-Deut#351
View Dr. J's podcast on Genesis One.    

Here is a discussion on Accordance's User Notes, which uses these very notes as an example: Theotek podcast with Rick Mansfield and Dr. J.


Which translation the [Sample Notes v2] belong too?


How can I tie the NASN notes to a Bible? The notes are in  a different window and I'm unable to tie then so they scroll with mt Bible.

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The Sample Notes v2 work with any translation. They were created by Accordance (Dr. J I believe) to demonstrate how User Notes work. They're not editable, and were only designed to illustrate some of the various features of User Notes.

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