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“Highlight all hits” is highlighting information besides the hits

Tom Hogan

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I’ve been having problems with “Highlight all hits” extendng the highlighting on some hits beyond the hit itself. For example, when I attempted to highlight all the occurences of “I” to highlight any references to the author of the book, on some hits it highlights just the “I” and on others, it highlights the “I” plus the space after the I and the first letter of the next word. I have a similar problem with “me” or “my.” In this particular case, my actual search was:


=I [RANGE 1 tim 1]


I’ve included information about my version of Accordance (Im still on version 13 because of bugs and agonizingly slow performance of version 14) and my Mac. I’ve also included a copy of my highlights file, which I’m aware is probably significantly larger than most other users have.







My Mobile Highlights.hlt

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Thanks! I’m not on 13, so I’ll have other users who are chime in on this one.

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