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About Bug Reports: Mac

Dr. Nathan Parker

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Reporting Mac Desktop Bugs


In order to effectively report bugs for Accordance Desktop for Mac, please follow these instructions:

  • Update to the latest version of Accordance for the Accordance version you have purchased by using “Check for App Update” from the “Accordance” menu.
  • Produce the issue causing the bug.
  • Post your bug report here.


In your bug report, please include the following in order to address your bug report in a timely manner:

  • Description of the bug/issue (the more details the better)
  • Steps you took to produce the bug (be as specific as possible)
  • Accordance version (example: 14.0.4)
  • macOS Version (example Ventura 13.1)
  • Hardware (example: iMac Pro, M2 MacBook Air)
  • Screenshots or crash logs would be useful (if relevant, Macs automatically send crash logs to Accordance)


Please only post bug reports for Accordance 13 or later. Accordance 12 and earlier are no longer supported.


We will post status updates on bug reports if we have information to share. Please refrain from asking for status updates on bug reports.


Reporting Cross-Platform Bugs


When reporting bugs with Accordance Desktop, if you are able to duplicate the bug on both Mac and Windows, or if you believe that the bug may affect both Mac and Windows users, please do the following.


1. Post the bug report itself for the primary platform you use Accordance on that you first experienced the bug (“Bug Swatters-Mac” or “Bug Swatters-Windows”).


2. If you are able to duplicate the bug across platforms, include a line saying “this bug affects both Mac and Windows” and include both your macOS and Windows versions and hardware information in the one bug report.


3. If you were unable to test whether the bug affects both platforms but have reason to believe that it may affect both platforms, include a line saying “this bug may affect both Mac and Windows” so we can be reminded to test the bug on both platforms.


Thanks again for assisting us on bug reports!


Reporting Typos/Module Corrections


Please report typos and corrections to: 



We don't always reply, but we do file them and incorporate them in future module updates.


You can also report corrections via the Right-Click menu or Help menu within the program.


Known Accordance Desktop Issues


There are a handful of known issues with Accordance Desktop. These issues are in the process of being resolved. In the meantime, here are the workarounds.


Flashing or Frozen Content Updates in Accordance or Easy Install (Primarily Windows)


1. Quit Accordance using Task Manager (Control-Alt-Delete).


2. Reopen Accordance in Accordance Safe Mode. Hold your Alt key immediately after you click on the icon to open Accordance.


3. Select Disable Automatic Updates and then Relaunch Accordance


4. When you open Accordance again, go into Preferences located in the Edit menu, go to the Updates section and disable Automatic Updates.


If it does not resolve the issue, go back into Accordance Safe Mode and select Remove General Settings. This will reset some of your personal preferences and you will need to put in your name and account information again, but this is normal. 


Other Tips:


1. Be sure to install the most recent update for the version of Accordance that you have from the Utilities drop down menu, under Check for App Update.


2. Under Easy Install, clicking the gear and selecting Refresh List has helped in some instances.

Unlocking Code Issue


This is usually caused by third-party security software preventing Accordance from contacting the Accordance servers.


1. Go into Easy Install and, click the gear, then Refresh List, and download any available modules.  


2. Alternatively, try to log out and log in again to refresh your Accordance account.


3. If you are still seeing the unlocking code issue, please contact Technical Support directly using the phone number or click the email button under Tech Support here:




macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, and Later:


Make sure you also adjust the following privacy settings to ensure Accordance can successfully contact the Accordance servers:


1. Open System Preferences (Catalina through Monterey) or System Settings (Ventura or Later) on macOS, then click Security & Privacy


2. On the Privacy tab, scroll down until you see Full Disk Access in the left hand column. Select Full Disk Access and then put a check next to Accordance


3. Perform the same tasks under the Accessibility tab. If Accordance is not in the box on the right side, you can add it with the + button underneath the window and then navigate to Applications > Accordance and then select Open. Now you can put in the checkmark. You will need to open the padlock in order to make changes.


Without changing these settings macOS will ‘sandbox’ Accordance causing crashes and other assorted failures.


Little Snitch and Intego NetBarrier X9:


Little Snitch and Intego Netbarrier X9 are two popular outbound firewall apps for Mac. You’ll want to ensure Accordance is allowed to make outbound connections to the Internet if you are using one of these firewall apps. Below are instructions from the app developers for allowing apps through their outbound firewalls. Please contact the develops of these apps directly for further assistance in allowing an app through their outbound firewalls.





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If you are having startup issues/crash ---> We added a new option to the Safe Mode dialog:


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