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can you upload different texts to the same named text to update it?


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I have been trying to get clarification about this for awhile and would appreciate any help anyone can provide.


I need some clarification about how the program handles naming of User Bibles. When you upload, there are three aspects to be mindful of:


1) you need to upload the file obviously, which I will call bibleJan.

2) It then asks you what I want to call it. I have always said bibleJan since I don't understand why it is asking me what to call it, as I obviously just uploaded it with the name.


3) there is an optional description.

Thus, every month I upload the most recent, bibleJan, bibleFeb, etc, etc. This is a commotion since the program always gives me a lot of technical problems uploading. For it to actually upload properly I often need to actually upload it 5 or more times.


I am thus wondering if I can bypass the technical problem by uploading the versions to the same file.


For example, when I upload bibleJan, for step 1, when it asks me its name in step 2, instead of just typing bibleJan, can I call it "biblerecent"? Then in the description I call it bibleJan.


The hope is then this month in bibleFeb I can upload bibleFeb for step 1, but then for step 2 I call it "biblerecent" and then in the description I write "bibleFeb."


The advantage of this is that the program has never had a technical problem overwriting user bibles, the problem as always been 100% the initial upload process. I am thus hoping I can keep uploading new files but since it is called the same thing in step 2, the program will just perceive it as overwriting the "biblerecent" it has.

I can see this as a good way to bypass the chronic technical issue of needing to upload the same file 5 or more times each month in order for it to successfully be combined with another text. I would then just have a "biblerecent" combined text which I keep updating as described.


Currently, if I update bibleJan, the combined text will update without a problem, which is why I think this might work, but I want to check that it won't cause more technical issues as I have NEVER called step 1 and step 2 different things before.


Also, on a side note, if the point of step 2 is not to do something like this, what is the point of step 2 since the name is already given in step 1?


Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide.



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I’ll ask around and see if I can get an answer to this.

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