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Short Product Highlight Videos

Dr. Nathan Parker

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With Word Biblical and NIV Phrase Tagging on sale, I did a couple of short “product highlight” videos:





These are on our YouTube channel, and we can add them to product pages as well.


Let me know what you think of these videos, and if you want to see more of this kind of stuff on various modules. I’m considering gradually doing this for more of our modules, starting with ones that are on sale.



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Hi Nathan

I think that is pretty good. For resources that deal with issues like origins, the Exodus and Revelation, it might also be helpful to briefly summarize their view. i.e. are they pre-mil, a-mil, Date the Exodus at 1446 or the 1200s. Do they hold to a six day creation or long ages and if so what type - Theistic Evolution, Day Age, Progressive creation etc.

As was mentioned in one of the other threads where you asked about equipment, the microphone that you are using sounds a bit hollow - like you are in a big room and away from the mic.


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Thanks for the update! I’ve been trying to broadly state their theological positions in any reviews I post.


I noticed ScreenFlow picked the wrong sound input after I recorded them. I’ll make sure that gets corrected next time. I did do a boost on the audio. Still trying to re-acquaint myself with ScreenFlow.

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