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Dr. Nathan Parker

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My Accordance email account is now up.


For anyone who needs to email me directly, it is:


My first initial: n

My last name: parker

Plus: @accordancebible.com 


I wrote it in that format to avoid spammers slamming me with spam.


If you’re an Accordance user, you’re welcome to email me anytime. I’m here to serve you and always welcome to assist.


If you’re a spammer, you’re better off spending your time at your local grocery store instead of my inbox. I’ve heard some grocery stores are having a spam shortage right now. Spammers, you can make the world a better place by spending your time on a grocery store shelf. 🙂 



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Moved to Accordance Announcements on request of a user.

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I also have international calling on my T-Mobile plan, so if any international customers need us to call them for anything, I have that option.

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I’ve also moved my personal blog and contact form to a permanent home. For a while it was hosted on a free Faithlife Sites account, then a free Wix plan.




It’s still a work in progress, so there are a few rough formatting areas (and SSL is in the process of being enabled). I also need to finish migrating some of the Wix pages over.


This is where I’ll post personal book recommendations, and is a way for anyone who needs to contact me about non-Accordance-related matters.

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Nathan, its early days, you are getting your feet under the table, new broom and all that but i was wondering if you have any plans on doing an accordance blog on new items as the current blog page isnt desperately informative. Eg there is the Holman Apologetics Commentary on the Bible (Gospels and Acts) in the sale this week, I hadnt noticed it in the module request thread which is quite often where users add a bit of justification why it should be added to accordance, there is the usual moan about only a limited screen shot, so i was hoping that you(?) may start doing a blog to inform us punters on the benefits of why we should be adding this to our library. 

i could always go to good reads which is where Solly always points me to but just wondered if you could share what your vision is for accordance related resources going forward (as you have big sandals to fill).


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I’d like to blog more on the Accordance blog, as well as produce more screencasts on modules. As I get more into the company and take on more duties, it’s on my list to look into for sure. Thanks for the feedback!

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