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Syncing Problems – "Zeroing out" in iPhone or iPad in the system Settings does not erase User Content

Julia Falling

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I have been having a miserable time of it tying to get my User Notes on to my iPhone and iPad.  I thinK the root of the problem may be that Reset User Content doesn't erase all user-related content.  The only way I know that does work is to delete the app and reinstall the desired Library modules.  Been there.  Done that.   Many times.  It's not bad on the iPhone.  It's a miserable and frustrating task on the iPad, where I have a larger install.  Not the way I want to end 2022.  Not the way I want to begin 2023, but I don't see an alternative.  iAccord is considerably less useful without any User Content.


Attached are a couple of screen shots from my iPhone.  In the first, you can see that I turned on every option in Application Startup.  I quit iAccord, then reopened it.  You can see In the 2nd shot that iAccord says my Notes are installed, but there is nothing there, and there should be no indication of any created User Content. 


If someone has any ideas to fix this (preferably without a complete reinstall), I'd welcome your input.


Thanks in advance.


P.S.  This whole mess was precipitated by a corrupt Highlights File.  I deleted off my Mac and off my iPad.  I (mistakenly) thought it was also deleted off my phone.  It has corrupted the installs on both mobile devices.  CAUTION:  Highlight judicously, and confine highlights to stable texts!

Application Startup in Settings.PNG


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Have you tried going into "Active User Notes File" and selecting "Ask Each Time"?

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I've never used that particular setting so I gave it a try.


iAccord won't let me do that unless I actually have a notes file on the iPad, so I created one and added an unimaginative note @1Jn 1:1.  It says "Test" .  But I digress. "Ask Each Time" was already selected once I could get to the point where I could choose the desired notes file. The name of the "ghost" notes file was gone and my newly created notes file was there and already selected (no other choice).  A Dropbox sync still wouldn't add my two Notes File (one relatively small & never edited, the other 29 MB & edited nearly every day).  A wifi sync won't do User Content.


Since the install on my iPhone is very limited – some texts, translator notes, a few Bible dictionaries & Greek & Hebrew lexicons), I went ahead and deleted the app last night.  Restarted the iPhone, reinstalled iAccord, loaded some modules, and did a Dropbox sync.  Worked perfectly – starting all over solves the problem.  I'll probably end up doing the same with the iPad, too, but I'm not doing a marathon session.  I'll start with just texts, translator notes, and Study Bibles.  Sync.  Then add the other stuff over a few days.


 I would love to be able to just connect iPad to Mac and load modules & User Content that way.


Thanks for the suggestion.  

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Deleted iAccord on the iPad.  Double-checked everything (Mac & mobile devices) to make sure the problem Highlights file was really gone.  Then I reloaded all desired modules and synced via Dropbox and User Content was ALL successfully loaded onto the iPad.  It is now working perfectly.  I did the downloading while I was doing other tasks so it didn't seem as laborious, but it took many hours….  Not wanting to repeat anytime soon!

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