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Many problems with RTL texts in user tools in 14.0.2


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Accordance 14.0.2 / Windows 10

Using Israeli keyboard

I have an existing "user tool" that I use to document verses with challenges for translation. When adding this entry, I found that there were many bugs. 

1) I was unable to type in Hebrew i.e. the letters I was typing were sometimes incorrect, and sometimes appeared in the wrong order and with spaces between the letter. 


2) I could cut from a different source and past into the user tool, but I could not cut and paste from the tool back into the tool because I could never select the entire Hebrew text, as I was unable to highlight all of the letter. The right most letter would not highlight. 


3) Sometimes the tool would not follow the language setting on windows i.e. if I had removed some Hebrew text but spaces were left where the Hebrew text had been then when I typed I would get Hebrew characters even when the windows language setting was English. The only way to fix this was to try and select (with much difficulty) all of the spaces that had been Hebrew and then remove them. 


4) If I begin a line with Hebrew and then attempt to hit a backspace when I have typed a character incorrectly then the backspace did not work. 

Right now the editor is nearly unusable for RTL texts (especially when they are mixed with LTR texts). 


On the plus side, we finally have right margin alignment for RTL texts!!!

If these editor bugs get fixed, this will be a huge improvement!!!




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