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Using the Simple Construct Original Language search.

Pastor Jonathan

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I am going over some old videos from the Acadamy and while I am not too worried about my layout, I ran across this video!



Original Language studies 


I see the benefit of doing this, and I see some pretty amazing abilities. But since this is my first time looking at the simple construct (I have not even gotten into the Greek or Hebrew one yet!), I thought I would ask: What do you all use this for? How often do you use it? Have you found it either slowing you down, speeding you up, or neither in your original language? How is this flowing with you regarding the new Word Study function on V. 14? 


Really interested in this because, well, it is one more neat thing I just ran across on the video.


(P.S. If anyone can help me figure out how to embed a video, I will do that instead of link. Thanks.)  

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Just to add a little more, are there any helps that explain what each part is of the construct so if I am using the Greek and Hebrew constructs, I know what I am looking at? That would be a great help. Thanks. 

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