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"A Dictionary Of Early Christian Beliefs"

Jensen Torres

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Good Day,


I hope this finds you well.


I am led to put in a request for a book by Mr. David W Bercot titled "A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs. This book is a reference guide to over 700 Topics discussed by the Early Church Fathers who some were Western and Eastern writers dating to the Early Centuries. 


It will be beneficial to the Body Of Christ to equip them/us with what our predecessors before us believed, pertaining to the early Christian Faith. 

Early Christian Beliefs.jpeg

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Hi, @Jensen Torres! Welcome to the forums. FYI, it sometimes helps requests like this to include bibliographic information and (if you can find it) a link to an existing digital edition (such as a PDF or ebook).


Of note, this book is essentially a topical index of ANF, which Accordance does sell. Perhaps this would especially benefit from some hyperlinking.


Bercot, David W. A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs: A Reference Guide to More Than Seven Hundred Topics Discussed by the Early Church Fathers. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1998.


Publisher's page: https://www.hendricksonrose.com/p/a-dictionary-of-early-christian-beliefs/9781565638709


Kindle ed.: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09NRVRXFZ



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Good Day @Andrew Patterson


Thank you for your response, as well as providing the link to the physical book so others may see and add to their library, just as I have been fortunate to have it in my library for some years now.


Thankfully I do have access to the entire Schaff's library through accordance, however my intent was to reach out to the Accordance staff in regards to the source I referenced. This source provides quotations of specific individuals (known as the Church Fathers), the century the citation was made, the region in which the individual is located (western or eastern writer) as well as different topics in question to choose from. 


I believe it is very important and beneficial to the body of Christ, to educate those who may not have access to the entire Schaff's library to have access to these quotations of the Church Fathers. This will encourage others, such as it did for myself, to obtain further sources/resources and search beyond just the quotation itself to obtain the full context of the topic and quote that was cited and not take certain citations out of context (opinions, beliefs, arguments, etc). Further growth for the Body Of Christ and the understanding of what our predecessors believe is important to have. Specifically through accordance where it is easily accessible via word search, using stacks, user notes, and not to mention having access to these sources on the go from a laptop or mobile device, along with the other sources we may have in our Accordance library.


Thank you to the accordance staff in advance. I look forward to seeing the response from the staff pertaining to this request. I am thankful to have accordance and the abundance of sources that have been beneficial and crucial to my growth in all aspects of my faith and belief in the Most High and Christ through Their Precious Holy Spirit.


Please see below link with access to the PDF for the above mentioned book. 



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With so many christian book shops having closed and not having access to a theological college, i value this thread on the forum for finding out about resources i would never come across in normal circumstances so thanks.

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