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14.0.1 Customise Theme Background colours

Gary Raynor

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 the named colours no longer match v13 and I have to make a custom colour each time

white is black

book is very dark grey

parchment is white

newsprint is dark brown

mint is very dark brown

rose is very very dark purple

sky is red

black is orange


and worst still cancel does not revert back to the original

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Do you have some screenshots showing what you're talking about? I have never had this happen before.

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This happens on both of my installations after the recent upgrade from v13 to v14 - a Red sky!

2 year old high end desktop and a few months old high end notebook both running windows 11.image.thumb.png.d47a5514fcb18f1b47f9f98c772d016f.png

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Hmmm I just tested on mine, and it's occurring for me too. Didn't notice that before. The "themes" still work, which is all I've ever used, but I can imagine how annoying that would be if you usually manually adjust the background color.


Windows 11 v22H2

Accordance v 14.0.1

Edited by Andrew Patterson
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