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Accordance crashes for certain workspaces


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Ever since I created a complex User Note, Accordance has been crashing for me when I try to open certain workspaces, presumably for those with User Notes open.


Here's the error message I get: 


Accordance Crash Log
Crashed at: 11:41:37:564 On: 18 of Nov, 2022  Eastern Standard Time

Accordance 13.4.2 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19044)
RAM: 741MB free of 16158MB total
Disc: 338GB free of 930GB total

Message: Access violation
Address:   $6F0AF8A0



Here's the note I created that seems to be causing the crash: 

Col. 1:24

filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions - Paul saw his sufferings as being Christ’s sufferings. At his conversion, he saw clearly that when the Lord’s people suffer, the Lord suffers too. Now Paul is part of the body of Christ, so he endures those sufferings with/for the Lord, and the Lord suffers with him. 2Co 1:5 says that the sufferings of Christ overflow to us. Until He takes us up to glory, there are more sufferings to endure. The amount is not yet complete.


Paul uses two words for suffering--πάθημα (‘suffering’) and θλῖψις (‘affliction’). The latter is not used in any other place in connection with the sufferings of Christ, but the former is used in various places.


1 Pet. 1:11 - Christ’s sufferings

1 Pet 4:13 - “you share the sufferings of Christ”

2Co 1:5 - “the sufferings of Christ are ours in abundance” (lit. “the sufferings of Christ overflow toward us”)

Phil. 3:10 - “that I may know ... the fellowship of His sufferings”

Heb 2:9 - His suffering death

Heb. 2:10 - perfected through sufferings


In at least three places, we see that Christ’s sufferings are ours as well--we participate in them.


1) The sufferings of those whom Christ sends are His sufferings: Matt. 22:41-45; Luk 10:16.

2) The sufferings of the body of Christ (the church) are the sufferings of Christ: Acts 9:4-5; 1 Cor. 8:12.

3) The mission of Christ is continued through His followers--Acts 13:47 as fulfillment of Isa 49:6. The Messiah is the Light, but His followers bear that ligth as the Messiah works through them.


ὑστέρημα - poverty, what was lacking, need, what is deficient. In relation to Christ, it has to do with what is lacking/needed, but not deficient.


ἀνταναπληρόω - Paul could have used προσαναπληρόω (‘to fill up’ 2 Cor. 9:12), ‘fully supply’ 2 Cor. 11:9) or ἀναπληρόω (‘to supply what is lacking’, ‘compensate’ Phil 2:30) or καταρτίζω (‘to fix up deficiencies’ 1Th 3:10). But instead, he used this verb, which doesn’t seem to have the idea of fully supplying, based on the etymology of the word. It seems to have the idea of doing one’s part.


Sufferings are what God has allotted to each one of us--Phil. 1:29.

Suffering is part of God’s preordained plan for the salvation of those whom He has chosen--2Ti. 2:10. If He chose them, He also chose the means by which they will be saved. Each believer has sufferings that have been preordinated to endure, so each believer has sufferings of Christ to endure.


Things to avoid in translation:

--the filling up brings to completion the sufferings fo Christ

--what is lacking points to deficiencies


 Here's what an expert Accordance user told me to do: 

Here are some solutions for nearly all crashes.


1.       It is possible that you may have a damaged installation. Did you by any chance use Google Chrome to download Accordance? Chrome is mistaking Accordance for malware on some computers and will cripple the download to various degrees and it will never work correctly. If you used Chrome, please throw that download away and get a new download and run it again using any other browser. Please restart your PC before running the new download to quit any background processes that may still be running (Task Manager alone can do this sometimes, but restarting the PC does it every time).

Security/cleaning software can also corrupt the Accordance folders. Please, make sure that these types of software, if installed on your computer, are allowing Accordance to connect to our servers and work normally.

2.       If you did not use Chrome, Accordance Safe Mode will allow you to easily remove or disable User Content, Settings, Connectivity and do Clean up for troubleshooting purposes. In order to open Accordance Safe Mode on a Windows computer, press and hold your ‘alt’ key ‘immediately after’ you click on the icon to open Accordance.

Please select ‘Remove startup session’, ‘Clear Library Cache’, ‘Clear Research Cache’, ‘Clear cached downloads’ and then launch Accordance.

If this doesn’t correct the issue, you can go back into Accordance Safe Mode and select ‘Remove General Settings’ and then relaunch Accordance. This will reset some of your personal preferences and you will need to put in your name and account information again, but this is normal.

3.       If the crashing continues after these steps there is a possibility that you have a corrupt file which is causing the crash. You can go back into Accordance Safe Mode and you can try disabling Highlights and User Notes and also Automatic Dropbox Sync and Automatic Updates in order to try to isolate the issue.


I have tried 1 and 2. I'm not sure exactly how to "isolate the issue" in #3, so I haven't tried that. I checked on my Dropbox syncing, and that seems to be working now. It wasn't linked when I checked it this morning, so I re-linked it. But I still have crashes whenever I try to open workspaces with User Notes as part of them. 


Any suggestions?

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My solution to this is to 'save as' as new the WS with a new name, then delete the old one... then restart Accordance.  It doesn't always resolve, but it has helped me in the past. 

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Thanks but the problem is that I can't open it, which means I can't 'save as.' When I try to open the User Notes by itself, it crashes Accordance, so it seems the problem is with the user notes. Not sure how to troubleshoot those.

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My apologies, I should have read your intro with more attention.  I hope you can get the matter resolved soon. 


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