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I Key Word In Context possible in Accordance

Attie Bogaards

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In Bibleworks 10 you have the so called KWIC = Key Word In Context. I very nice and usefull module.

Can you do in Accordance somehow what the KWIC can do and can somebody help me with it in Accordance?

BibleWorks explain the KWIC as follow: A Key Word in Context (KWIC)  Concordance is a listing of all the words that occur in a version shown with their immediate context. The KWIC module in BibleWorks enables you to build KWIC lists for any word or series of words in any Bible version. You can specify how many words either side of the specified words will be shown. The word itself will be shown in red and any surrounding words that had to cross a verse boundary to meet the specified context limits will be shown in gray. A collocation table is a listing of all the words in the immediate context of the key word listed by frequency and distance from the key word. Together the KWIC list and the collocation table provide very useful tools for studying the grammatical and topical context of words.


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This sounds similar to the standard search feature. You can choose the number of verses to display using the slider in the top-left corner. The words you searched for are highlighted in the listing. Here's a basic example (see picture below).




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KWIC was a very powerful tool in BibleWorks, and it's one of the reasons why I still go back to it.


The closest thing in Accordance is the INFER command.

In one window, indicate a verse or passage you are trying to match.

In a new window, use the INFER command and select that first window.

Depending on the text and whether it's tagged, you can choose words or key numbers / lexical forms.

You can choose how many words, words to ignore, and word order.

It works fine, but the main problem is that you are going to get a lot of hits that have common words (the, and, he...) that aren't really of interest. That's where BW was nice for allowing one to choose or eliminate specific words to match.

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