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Accordance 13.3.4 Timeline crashes in "Define Custom List" dialog


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I never use Timeline before and I watch webinar https://www.gotostage.com/channel/2b99bda9c3ed4b7382a55737a7d54b46/recording/d4e7d7f9675b4bf589d0d3aef7982859/watch?source=CHANNEL to learn how to use Timeline.


Accordance crashed after I select the second item in the "Define Custom List" dialog.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open 'Timeline' in a Tab.
  2. Select 'Define Custom List...' to open a dialog, which display 2 items.
  3. Select the second item "Example user items" (see attached screenshot)


Uninstall/Reinstall Timeline does not help. The crash log is also attached.



P.S. David Lang had a similar Timeline crash in that video (after ~50:00 and he can't fix it) which was 2 years ago.




Accordance 2022-10-30 at 14.40.30.crash.txt

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Wow. This bug was filed a year ago, and no one was addressing it.

I also told the tech team about this bug a couple of days ago and hope it will be solved in the upcoming release.


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Thanks! Is this one occurring in 14 or just 13?

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It is in Accordance 13 and is fixed in 14.

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Sounds good. Thanks!

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