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Re-install issue - Accordance Files in two places


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I had to re-install Accordance on my MacBook after getting my machine fixed due to water damage :(


I have three questions:

1. When I re-installed the software, I selected the files to go in my Dropbox because this where I sync things. However, after doing this, I discovered there is another set of Accordance files on my iCloud Drive. Not really sure why there are two! Any ideas?


2. Previously I had my Accordance files sync via Dropbox so I could go back and forth between an iMac, iPad, and MacBook Air. I just tried to sync with Dropbox on the newly installed app on my MacBook and I got this error message: "You cannot link to Dropbox, as your Accordance Files are already being managed by Dropbox manually." It then says, "To enable full Dropbox support, please return your Accordance Files to their initial location." This never happened before when I tried to sync via Accordance > Sync with Dropbox. Any idea what I did wrong and how to return the files to their initial location?


3. I'd like to re-install the custom ranges available here (http://www.accordancefiles1.com/exchange/highlights.htm). I followed the install directions but the range is not showing up in the app. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 9.16.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 9.17.47 PM.png

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Accordance’s Dropbox sync does not work by you choosing to install the files to Dropbox. The files normally go in Documents, and the message Is telling you to put them back there. It looks like you’ve accepted Apple’s suggestion to keep your Documents folder in iCloud: that would explain how they got into iCloud.

Once you take your files out of Dropbox, you will be able to set up Dropbox syncing. But having both iCloud and Dropbox syncing them might not work well. 

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