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Accordance CRASHES on live click - specifically on word usage search in particular book.

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I hope you can sort this out for us. Accordance crashes whenever I use live click.


I played around with the live Click options and found it is the "word usage" within a specific book that causes the crash. 


NB. This crash is repeatable. please see attached video - (when Accordance Crashes it shows Logos in the background).



The problem a search like this: "[RANGE Sam.] דבר". If the = sign is added, or if the "RANGE" command omitted, there is no crash. The crash results from a Hebrew word without the = sign, with the Range command.




Could you please correct this bug?




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I would like to also ask why Accordance must always crash when something goes wrong? It is very frustrating to me.


Why can't you just show us an error message or simply let the search fail rather than a crash every time.



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