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New Bug in 13.3.4! Can't validate this module online. Please enter the unlocking code for "Targums"

Accordance Enthusiast

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I never received any unlocking codes for any single module I purchased. After the latest update to 13.3.4 Accordance crashed and automatically started in "Safe mode" or something like that. I had to sign into my account and work through the setup helper. Now I get the following problem and accordance CRASHES when I try to open the locked modules.




Any solution will be appreciated.



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I was able to solve the problem by using "easy-install" to re-install the already installed modules which were somehow uninstalled by Accordance.


I'm glad it is working again.


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I'm now having the same problem as @Accordance Enthusiast. I've been using the most recent update to Accordance smoothly for months. Suddenly, Accordance crashed, logged me out, and made me recommit to the End User Agreement. When I reentered the login info, that same popup began appearing and hasn't stopped.


Here's the Crash Log:


Accordance Crash Log
Crashed at: 16:20:7:409 On: 27 of Mar, 2024  Mountain Daylight Time

Accordance 13.3.4 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19045)
RAM: 1217MB free of 7876MB total
Disc: 17GB free of 223GB total

Message: Access violation
Address:   $005CF7F0


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@Kyle Young I'd recommend emailing Tech Support.

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