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Accordance quit unexpectedly on launch

Lindsey Askin

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I have Monterey 12.6, and Accordance 13.3.3.


Only just recently in the last week or so, Accordance won't open at all and crashes when I try to launch it, with a pop-up window saying "Accordance quit unexpectedly". 


I think my Mac update perhaps might be causing this new problem, perhaps- I don't know if anything else changed on my Macbook recently besides software update to Monterery.


Has anyone else experienced this or reckon a guess as to what the problem might be? Thank you!

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Hi @Lindsey Askin,

I think what I would try first is completely closing Accordance, then press the shift key and keep holding it while you open Accordance. Do not let go of shift until it is has completely opened. Once it has, shut Accordance and do this a few more times (I would say do it at least three times). Then after that close Accordance and open it like normal without the shift. This may or may not help, but often fixes kinks with how the Mac works with programs.


I hope this helps,


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Thanks for the suggestion Kristin.


I've received help and a solution now from Billy in Accordance Tech Support. It seems the problem was to do with OneDrive where my Accordance files were kept, and Accordance couldn't access them.


Immense thank you to Billy!

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