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Multiple Users - Install, Backup and Restore (Windows 11)


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Hi Support, I am seeking confirmation and advice regarding  the Title posted, where I wish to share my purchases with my Wife on her separate computer please.


I have installed Accordance on my desktop computer and downloaded many libraries, configured preferences and created My Stuff.

  1. If I install Accordance on my Wife's PC, do I need a formal approval for the license sharing?
  2. Is it feasible to copy all libraries to my Wife's PC without having to download them all again?
  3. If I copy preference and libraries (.ris) files, will the new installation function uncorrupted?


I am backing up the following files to my Synology NAS:

Application Software
C:\Program Files (x86)\OakTree\Accordance

Application Preferences and Libraries

Personal Preferences

My Stuff
C:\Users\Colin\Documents\Accordance Files


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I only hear crickets respond to this question. I guess support doesn't look where they directed me to after all :)


I found the below discussion thread, but it is rather old. 



In lieu of the recent Notes corruption issues perhaps Technical Support could chime in and offer a best practice strategy for their customers about backups?


I can test my other requirements, even though prior confirmation would have been nice to save unnecessary effort. I imagine other newer customers would also appreciate knowing the answers or confirmation.


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@cweber, see this blog post for the four folders to back up or to copy to a different computer:  https://accordancebible.com/Back-Up-Accordance/

Resources can be shared with “spouses if it is for occasional personal use only (rather than professional or intensive student use)” (https://accordancebible.com/legal-information/).


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Appreciate the link about backups. Nothing new for me there to consider and no cautions about corrupting information. I guess be certain Accordance is not running and being accessed is critical.


I was aware of the legal link; my question was more about my interest in only copying modules requested by my wife. I have purchased a large enough volume of material and she does not want all of it.


I will make time to experiment on her computer and iPad Pro. I can wipe those and start again if necessary.

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