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Search results and verse discrepancies


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I stumbled upon this and am curious what the right way to deal with it is. I am working in 1 John and there is a difference in verse numbering between the ESV text and NA28. Specifically 1 John 2:13-14 is divided differently between the two. 


If I search in English (ESV Strong's) limited to 1 John for the word "children", 1 John 2:13 will show up as a hit. If I add NA28 as a parallel pane, when I get to 1 John 2:13 in English, I'll also get 1 John 2:13 in the NA28 pane, but the content will not match. In English, the sentence "I write to you, children, because you know the Father" is not found in NA28 1 John 2:13, it's found in 1 John 2:14.


My question is, is there a proper way for Accordance to handle these problematic verse differences. Clearly adding a parallel pane doesn't quite do it.

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