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User Notes Display crash

David Wheeler

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MBA M2 with Monterey 12.5.

Accordance 13.4.1.

This is a new setup. I have linked my "My Notes" to the new install.

Every time I try to select "User Notes Display" in "Preferences" Accordance crashes.

Just wondering what the solution is?



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David, I don’t have an answer, but it is so good to see you in the forums! I’ve thought of you multiple times over the years since we last talked. 

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Hi @David Wheeler,

There are two ideas coming to mind. First, when it crashes and you open it again it will ask if you want to restore. Say no. I noticed this often fixes issues. If that does not work, close Accordance and hold shift when you open it. Then close it and open it normally. Opening with shift deletes certain ram spots or something if I understand correctly.


I hope this helps.

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thanks Kristin.

I’ve tried both options to no avail.

i can’t remember if i went to that option in preferences before i copied my notes over. so it may have initially worked with the default notes.

when i have time i may uninstall Accordance and start over.

fwiw, all my notes appear intact and are working.

and when they are open in a tab i can use ‘set notes display’ w/o it crashing; but i can only change the ‘references’ portion. the ‘text display’ is grayed out.

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Hi @David Wheeler


It is possible that the workspace may have become corrupted. Have you tried a new workspace yet? Corrupt workspaces can be accessed again through the autosaved sessions which will bring them back. You will want to avoid doing this.


If that doesn't help, Accordance Safe Mode will allow you to easily remove or disable User Content, Settings, Connectivity and do Clean up for troubleshooting purposes.


In order to open Accordance Safe Mode on a Mac computer press your ‘option’ key as you open Accordance.



Please select ‘Remove Startup Session’ and then launch Accordance.


If this doesn’t correct the issue, you can go back into Accordance Safe Mode and select ‘Remove General Settings’ and then relaunch Accordance. This will reset some of your personal preferences and you will need to put in your name and account information again, but this is normal.


You can always contact us directly in Tech Support at: techsupport@accordancebible.com


If needed we can arrange a time for one of us to screen share with you.





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Thanks for the helpful info.

Prior to receiving this message I had uninstalled and scrubbed Accordance from my Mac.

I re-installed and attempted to again set preferences for User Note Display with only the default sample notes available.

It still crashed.

Since receiving your message I have worked through all the options via safe mode to no avail.

I will contact Tech Support as you suggested.

Thank you,


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This has been posted on the programming team's board.

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I'll add my name to this list. Exact issue, with similar troubleshooting steps then. I am currently emailing back and forth with Tech Support.


Accordance 13.3.3

MacOS 12.6 (but crashing started prior to 12.6 update, iirc)

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