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Major Accordance Update to Carta's Sacred Bridge

R. Mansfield

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Do you have Carta's Sacred Bridge in Accordance? If so, go to Check for Content Updates to download an improved version (improved, that is, by our very own @David Lang) with a new bibliography field, color adjustments, nearly 15,000 new hyperlinks, and more!


And read all about the changes at the Accordance Blog.



SB old and new.png

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Brilliant, many thanks. Much easier to read. 
also, thanks for the blog! For this non scholar its more than an atlas, more like an encyclopaedia as there is so much interesting material.


ps. As you know we are never satisfied and always want more and ive raised this with other tools, if its a style setting, is it possible to have all fonts the same size or have the ability to change the styles ourselves? In the past mark commented that you try to replicate the printed copy but as we have control over the main text size and font it seems strange to maintain a slightly smaller font size for quoted sections such as those that have been in different colours in sacred bridge but also in tools like hall's with the father series. 

my preference would be for a single font size for all the text.






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