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Accordance Won't App Nap

Timothy R. Butler

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I've been noticing some issues with Accordance on macOS 12.4 lately as it relates to energy usage when idle. For the most part, even if Accordance is in the background and not being interacted with, it remains outside of an App Nap state. For example, I haven't used Accordance yet today, but I've only seen it briefly enter an App Nap state -- the rest of the time it is "awake" even though it is unused. Again, not using it at the moment, it is showing an average 2.8 energy usage in Activity Monitor on an M1 Max MacBook Pro, which seems excessive (much higher than Microsoft Word, BBEdit, etc.). The CPU % goes between just below 1% and 2%, while idle.


I'd be happy to send any logs that might help look into this. Thanks!

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Not sure if these help:






I can get Accordance to App Nap when in Full Screen Mode and the focus is on another app in Full Screen Mode. It’s also App Napping for me in Windowed Mode when I hide it using Command+H.


It seems macOS controls App Nap, so it may be that you have to tell some apps to hide to get it to take.

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