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Search for בת-שבע fails


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When trying to search for the proper name בת-שבע the search fails to return any results (words or letters); similarly, a search for בת שבע also fails to return any results. I did find that I can use בתשבע and get results when searching the Hebrew text even though the name never appears this way in the text but attempting the same search in any of the Hebrew Lexicons fails to produce any results. I assume the same issue exists for other hyphenated names but I haven't tried.

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I didn't have an issue using a word search (with or without specifying the lexeme).




I can confirm an issue with the Letters search. A Letters search for בת־שׁבע should work with or without the maqef. There is a known issue related to maqef and ketiv-qere. Perhaps these are related. Thanks for the feedback.

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