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Cannot edit iOS User Notes


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If I'm taking lengthy notes on my iPad I will open Accordance and Notes app in Split View. I use the Notes app rather than typing directly into Accordance's User Notes since if I use the Accordance User Notes feature, I can't the text I'm studying until I close the note. In the past using the two apps worked well, and when I was done writing the note I would copy it and paste it into an Accordance User Note. 


I can't do that directly in iOS now and haven't been able to for a few months. When I select the verse to which I would like to attach a note or edit an existing note, the note that opens is for another verse, before or after the one I selected. The heading for the note is the verse I selected. For example, I might want to write a note at Galatians 2:17, but the note that appears is for Galatians 1:6, but the heading says Galatians 2:17. 


The workaround is easy enough: I will share the note with my MacBook in the cloud or I will email the note to myself. Then I will copy and paste the note into a User Note in the desktop version of Accordance. I'm able to sync the note (I use Dropbox) with the iOS versions of Accordance. 


I don't get any "corrupted notes" errors, so I don't know whether this is a different problem than what some other users describe. 


Accordance 13.3

Mac OSX Monterrey 12.5

M1 MacBook Air


Accordance 3.3.1

iOS 15.6

iPhone Pro 12

iPad OS 15.6

M1 iPad Pro

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