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Font Diversity in Android App


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As someone who is a recovering font geek (okay, who am I kidding... I'm inordinately passionate about them), I would love to see a larger font selection in the Android app. Honestly, does anyone on here use "cursive" or "casual?" I suppose someone could use the two monospace ones, but why? :)


A few more choices would make the app so much more attractive. Open source fonts with a full set of diacritics (e.g. SIL's Gentium, which is awesome) would be a huge benefit to readers like myself, and would not, to my knowledge, require any licensing. I'm not a programmer, so I have no idea how involved this addition would be, but it would make my day to see something like this implemented. Truly, the way things are going, it just might make my year.


Thank you to everyone who has worked on this project,

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