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Nathan Parker

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Right now I have my primary amplifying modules set to HALOT/BDAG. I’m trying to decide whether to leave them there or change them to NIDNOTTE/NIDNTTE.


So I’m taking a poll. Which of those do you have yours set to, or are yours set to something completely different?



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Brent Niedergall has been comparing various lexicons. E.g., here he compares BDB and HALOT. HALOT wins.

Here he compares BDAG and BrillDAG. BDAG still is the primary source, but there is good reason to check BrillDAG.

Here he compares BDAG and Thayer, and BDAG naturally wins.


As for me... I don't do as much work in the OT, so for Hebrew, I have BDB, Concise Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, TLOT, TWOT, and OT Word Study Dictionary. From that list, the BDB is my best resource, but I look at the others. If I had HALOT, I would use that first.


As for Greek... I have BDAG, NIDNTTE, Exegetical Dictionary of the NT (EDNT), BrillDAG, Louw & Nida, NT Word Study Dictionary, TDNT abridged, TLNT, LEH, Thayer... From that list, BDAG is my primary resource, but I have especially found EDNT, BrillDAG, L&N, and NIDNTTE to regularly be worth consulting.


I'm always a bit nervous about "theological" lexicons, because it does mean someone has intentionally responded with a particular theological perspective in mind, and that can be problematic.


BUT... I usually don't use the Amplify feature. Instead, I use Live Click and have a Lexicon Lookup tab always open. I created a My Groups of "Best Lexicons." So, when I click on either a Hebrew or Greek word, I can quickly scan all my lexicons and open the ones that are most promising.

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Good info. Thanks! Good idea on Live Click. I may move to it.

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